Quality Rug Repair and Restoration in Long Island

Did you notice some signs of damage on your gorgeous Persian or Oriental rugs? Did the moths get to them? Or perhaps there is a slight discoloration visible. Don't worry about it! Here at Rug Cleaning Service, we know how to repair and restore any type of rug. No rug is too big or too small for us. We know how much you care about your rugs, so we will work hard to get the best possible results. You can rely on us to restore your rug ASAP: 631-230-0821 !

You may be scared of the prices other rug repair and rug restoration companies in Long Island charge. We know, their price tags can be scary. However, because we are a locally owned and operated company, we strive to keep our prices as low as possible. We have been offering exceptional rug repair and restoration services to residents and companies for very affordable prices for years.

Reliable Rug Restoration and Repair in Long Island

Can you trust Rug Cleaning Service? Of course you can! Our amazing repair experts are here to repair or restore your rug in no time. All the methods and technology we use are 100% safe, so we can promise that your rug will not be damaged in any way, shape or form. Keep in mind that our word is our bond. If we promise that your rug will be repaired or restored, we will work hard to make it happen. As you can see from our reviews, we never let our clients down.

Comprehensive List of Rug Repairs and Restorations

In some cases, the damage can be very difficult to repair. However, we can assure you that we can repair almost any problem with your rug. And we will do this with the utmost care. Your rug will be safe while it is in our care – guaranteed.

We offer many different rug repair services at very affordable prices:



Rippling and buckling

Fringe attachment

Patching tears, small holes and rips

Edge fraying


Fuzzing and shredding

And many more

When it comes to rug restoration services, you can pick any of the following:

Fade correction

Fringe detailing

Fringe replacement

Coloring services

Water or fire damage

Hem stitching

Large holes and tears

Moth damage


And many more


Your Satisfaction Is Our Guarantee

It's difficult to estimate how long a rug restoration will take until we can inspect the item. Also, not all damage can be repaired. However, if our expert tells you that we can repair or restore your rug, you have nothing to worry about. We always keep our promises. The end result will be breathtaking.

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Getting reliable rug repair and rug restoration services in Long Island doesn't have to be difficult. Just call Rug Cleaning Service at 631-230-0821 and let our experts handle everything.